Slow Food

Chef and Owner Vincenzo VelletriChef Vincenzo Velletri is affiliated with Slow Food International & Australia which promotes good, clean, and fair food. Our traditionally-inspired cooking methods retain the full flavor of the natural ingredients.

Catering by Il Paiolo is a truly unique experience where the guests interact with the chef, fully enjoying watching their food being created and the atmosphere that comes from cooking their meal in the wood fired oven.

We believe that creating food is a passionate art and eating it should be a divine pleasure.

“Il Paiolo” pizza is a true Italian experience; our catering techniques follow the guidelines specified by Italy’s “Verace Pizza Napoletana Association” founded in Naples to certify businesses that are offering authentic Neapolitan style pizza as established by the guidelines of the Department of Agricultural Food Products Quality and Consumer Protection. Portable ovens have been used at least since medieval times and portable pizza ovens are common in Naples as are BBQ’s in Australia. Join the fun.

For more information about slow food please visit the Slow Food websites:

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