• Herbed crouton topped with smoked salmon and dill
  • Herbed crouton topped with organic avocado and pistachio mousse
  • Thai chicken salad in crispy wanton cups
  • Exotic sticks; steamed king prawns with rock melon and fresh parsley
  • Roast beef with caramelised onions on bruschetta
  • Twist of puff pastry with prosciutto
  • Frittata with pumpkin and feta cheese
  • Mini Toast topped with roasted turkey and cranberry
  • Mini bruschetta topped with fresh tomatoes, basil, red onions and extra virgin olive oil
  • Vol au vent filled with tuna and avocado mousse and mayonnaise and sesame seeds
  • Mini toast topped with chicken liver pate’ and sliced champignon mushrooms
  • Boiled eggs filled with rice salad
  • Parmesan basket filled with broad beans mousse and Tabasco
  • Mini profiteroles filled with prawn mousse
  • Ham wrapped with zucchini and goat cheese
  • Home made tart filled with red onions in balsamic vinegar and organic pistachio


  • Beef meat balls served with fresh tomato salsa
  • Thai coconut prawns
  • Cocktail chicken wings marinated and roasted
  • Little bite of chicken with prosciutto and sage
  • Chicken skewer served with sweet chilli sauce
  • Pork satay
  • Spicy lamb and pine nuts triangles
  • Lamb skewer marinated and served with yogurt mint sauce
  • Spring rolls
  • Sfogliatine puff pastry filled with leek
  • Quiche of ham and radicchio
  • Mini Vol au vent filled with mushrooms or asparagus
  • Arancini: Mini rice balls filled with mince meat and green peas
  • Pork mini balls with silver beet and sage
  • Mini veal cutlets
  • Little zucchini cake
  • Grilled vegetables on skewer
  • Assorted mini samosas
  • Mini puff pastry parcel filled with spinach and pumpkin
  • Mini gazpacho in a cup garnished with mini cube of fresh vegetables
  • Cold asparagus soup topped with green apple rolled in sesame seeds in a glass
  • Mini croquets of chicken served in a cup on top a fresh tomato sauce with Tabasco and sesame seeds
  • Spuma of spinach in a glass topped with fresh goat cheese
  • Baccala croquets in a glass on top of truffle potatoes salsa
  • Fish Goujon


  • Profiteroles filled with coffee custard
  • Mini tarts filled with ricotta cheese, candied orange peel and orange blossom water
  • Panna cotta topped with wild berry sauce in a glass
  • Mini strawberry cheese cake
  • Mini crunchy cups filled with custard and topped with caramelised apple
  • Skewer of fresh fruit
  • Wild berry semifreddo with peaches and vanilla compote in a glass
  • Mini nougat parfait
  • Mini Crème caramel with hazelnuts in a wafer cup

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